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Eyebrow tattoo Melbourne
Eyebrow tattoo Melbourne


Lavinia Davis

I had brow shape & tint done today. Zoe was able to clearly explain to me exactly what i needed when I myself was leaning towards microblading, however she assured me it was not required saving me money so as a result I opted to have lashlift done also & I absolutely love them. Thank you for your professionalism & expertise, she is truly a master at her craft & I highly recommend her to anyone 😊

Eyebrow tattoo Melbourne

I believe everyone is beautiful, we just need to discover and expose it.

Zoe Rami

Founder of Zoe Beauty & Brows

     Why Choosing Us?

Free consultation: During this session you learn about your skin type, face anatomy, whether you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic tattoo, before and after care procedures and go through any questions you might have.

Additionally, we do an eyebrow mapping with design, shape and tint of your eyebrows so you can get a clear idea how it will look like after cosmetic tattoo. It is an interactive session to talk more about what you desire and what suits you best. Normally it takes up to an hour and we hope this session assist you to make an educated decision regardless of you proceed with us or not.

100% Risk Free: We are so confident about the job we do to offer full money back guarantee if you are not happy with result.

Unlimited Touch Ups: Using the highest quality pigments in market and latest technology of machines allows us to make a durable work, another important variable here is the type of skin so to keep it simple for you, within 6 months of cosmetic tattoo and after the first touch up session you can come back for additional touch ups without any extra fee.

Experience and Qualifications: We have the highest accredited certificates and third-party recognition in Australia and internationally for cosmetic tattoo with more than 10 years’ experience in beauty industry so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

Testimonials: We are proud to have 5 Star google reviews.

Lifetime Membership: By using any of our cosmetic tattoo, skin needling or BB Glow services you join the large family of Zoe Beauty & Brows and get lifetime membership and receive discounted price for all service we offer. Additionally, you can simply refer anyone connected to you such as a friend or relative and they will automatically get those benefits as well.

Good Cause: We allocate 10% of monthly profits to go directly to a charitable organisation such as National Breast Cancer Foundation, Wildlife Victoria, Environment Victoria, etc. Feel free to nominate any organisation you support to be added to our list as you are contributing to it as well.

Best Value: We aim to have a reasonable price and options for payment plans with the purpose that more people can use those services, but still financial difficulty should not stop you reaching your beauty goals by any means at any time. If needed please let us know about your situation and we are willing to consider and evaluate it on a case by case basis for clients, at the end your smile is what keeps us happy.

Flexible Booking: We are aware that some people due to work or family commitments cannot make a time during business hours to attend, so for those individuals we are happy to find a time after hours or over the weekend for consultation, procedure and touch up sessions. 

Give us a call, send us an email or fill in the form at contact us section to book an appointment now, see you soon…

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