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Lip Tatoo, Blush Lips,3D/Ombre Lips

Lip Tattoo

(Blush Lips & 3D/Ombre Lips)

Lip tattoo in simple and basic words is the technique of semi-permanent pigmentation (ink) on lips which gives you the full and consistent natural colour of lipstick, look and even goes beyond that.  I believe that it is completely a piece of art at finish.

It starts with a design considering the anatomy of face and how the lips can be aligned to enhance harmony in face.

The tools of artist after coming up with an appropriate design are the use and mix of colours and applying shades on the lips to have a natural and realistic outcome.

It requires a high knowledge of colour combination in a way that suits tone of skin, colour of hair and eyes. At the end clients wear it permanently and they need to be engaged and happy with the process.


It takes between 2-3 hours and costs $590. A touch up session is required to be done after 4-6 weeks which costs $250.

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