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Eyebrow Microblading 

Eyebrow Microblading in Melbourne.

Eyebrow Feathering (3D Microblading): 


This technique is suitable for all types of skin. The tool used in this method is the manual pen where the artist draws fine hair strokes that seems as a real hair. The look of this technique is very natural hence is also called 3D Microblading.

Ombre (Powdering):


This technique lasts longer than the other method (Feathering) and it is more suitable for oily skin. The look of this technique is darker and more visible than the Feathering look. 

The tool used for this technique is machine only and the final look of this technique is lighter in fronts that gradually transitions to a more intense, defined body and tail ends. This technique is recommended for those who wear makeup on a daily basis.

Microblading Combo

(Eyebrow Feathering & Powdering/Ombre):


I personally believe the most natural look of the semi-permanent brow is achievable only when using

the combination of all above techniques (Feathering & Ombre/Powdering).


Having said that, depending on condition of each individual brow and client needs, only one of those techniques might be required at times as well.


As I come from a graphic design background and worked in beauty industry for quite a long time, in my opinion the art happens when you set yourself free and not limit yourself in any predefined structure. In similar manner, in my work I focus on what needs to be done to have the best result that satisfies me by seeing the outcome and also the client by having a new look as they have wished.


It takes between 2-3 hours and costs $590. A touch up session is required to be done after 4-6 weeks which costs $250.

Microblading cost
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